“Sick and Tired of Your Unruly Dog's Behaviour? Discover The Truth About The "Secrets To Dog Training" Internet Guide. Can You Really Teach a Dog New Tricks No Matter How Naughty They Are?”

If you've been looking for a solution to your dog's bad behaviour, disobedient attitude and house destroying habits, then Secrets To Dog Training claims to be the all in one solution. However, in this review you'll find out exactly what to expect with this internet guide and whether it's right for you and your dog or not...

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Sit Stay Fetch Review

If you're anything like me, then your dog's excessive biting and chewing is not only driving you up the wall, but is also causing concern for your family and friends' safety too…

…plus the materialistic damage caused from the seemingly endless destruction of furniture, clothes and shoes (my wife will testify to that one).

Then there's the barking and whining…

I used to curse my neighbours for their barking dog, until my own English setter became the "backyard bellower" and sounded out the other dogs on the block.

What about the aggression too? Not sure about you, but nothing scares me more than taking my kids out for a walk with Sandy (the dog, not my wife), and then suddenly having a pack of blood thirsty hounds descends upon us with rage…

…and it's pretty embarrassing too, whether it's your dog or somebody else's isn't it?

After speaking to friends also visiting a few forums online, it was clear to see that owning an aggressive or disobedient dog was not uncommon.

Some of the stories I read made me feel lucky, such as one guy whose dog ran out in front of a car because the dog refused to obey his basic commands.

Apparently, this was all about the lack of leadership and alpha male role of the owner over the dog…which is what a lot of more modern dog training programs now try to teach.

But being desperate for a solution, I did my research and looked for a way to calm Sandy, our unruly family dog, and bring her back to the loving circle of trust and respect that she had for us, and we had for her.

The problem, as I soon found out, was that dog trainers cost a fortune. I'm a busy guy, so finding time to schedule the training sessions (even on weekends) was not always possible.

I also read a lot about types of training equipment that I could use at home, such as shock collars and prong collars. Let me tell you, just looking at those things makes me cringe…I can't imagine how painful they are for the dogs that are forced to wear them.

Besides, punishing your dog to behave is clearly not the way forward - anyone with common sense will understand that.

During my research, I kept coming across an online guide called Sit Stay Fetch (now called Secrets To Dog Behaviour).

It looked promising to me, as it had all the things I was looking for, such as:

• Well established,
• Lots of testimonials,
• Immediate access,
• Focuses on the leadership relationship (alpha pack) that other guides/ trainers overlook

Therefore, I decided to go ahead and try it out. Some weeks later, and here's my own review of what this guide is all about, as I am sure other people are in that frustrating situation of an unruly and often dangerous dog…

I'm going to go over my opinion of whether the guide actually works, who I think it's right for, and of course, whether it's worth the money.

What Does It Do?

Secrets to Dog Training! - is a treasure chest full of secrets to transforming your dog's behaviour in a fun and easy way that anyone can do. With "Secrets to Dog Training!" you're going to save time, money, and aggravation with training your dog.

You'll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you've been vulnerable to. With "Secrets to Dog Training!" you will be able to get the most out of your training time and your relationship with your dog!

It also claims to be able to have your dog to obey you wherever you go, allowing you to avoid lots of time and money on professional dog trainers with limited results.

The real secret behind Dog Training Secrets is that they employ the increasingly popular method of dog whispering to train your dog and create a strong, lasting bond at the same time (along with eliminating numerous bad behaviour traits at the same time).

Essentially, it's dog obedience training in the fast lane…let's see if it actually works though, shall we?

First Impressions

As soon as I got my hands on the Secrets To Dog Training Guide, I immediately realised that there is a lot of information and advice that they've crammed in here. It also appears very well laid out and professional looking too.

On first arrival, I printed the guide off and skimmed through it. I began to notice that they progress through the stages of dog training in a pretty logical manner (from buying a dog, through to dog-owner connection, through to the hands on training sections).

This is great for me, as I like to follow a path of progress, rather than pick and scrape information all the time.

However, I would say that the guide is perhaps a little overwhelming at first (I kept thinking - am I going to have time to do all this, and will I understand it all?)

Does It Work?

Getting started was my priority as Sandy at the time was truly driving us mad and we needed a solution.

As I started reading the guide, I found that the first few sections are pretty straight forward stuff that seems more aimed at new dog owners, but a few useful tips to do with spotting the right dog for your needs/lifestyle.

Secondly, there is plenty of extensive start up advice for choosing the right breed and what to look for when choosing a dog (some info is pretty standard, but there's a lot of health related tips that I didn't know (they also cover all the different types of dogs so you know what to look for specifically)

Also, as I got deeper into the early part of the guide, I noticed that there were some great tips on preparing your home for a new dog, but again, only useful if you're at that stage of owning/buying a dog.

However, I did find that the socializing and housetraining sections could be a bit more extensive, as they only cover the bare essentials.

What I loved about this guide and what clearly took effect immediately after applying, were the sections on "the secrets to understanding your dog". This section seemed to be the most powerful in creating a bond, trust and respect (and leadership) between you and your dog.

The training material is generally spot on, although a little brief in parts, but they do a great job of explaining the psychology behind your dog's bad behaviour, as well as giving step by step exercises to use to take control of the problems (from barking to pulling on the leash, it's all here).

Finally, it's easy to see that the training and care of your dog can be accomplished with this guide, providing you put the time and effort in…

Why do I think this? Well, because the techniques and approaches covered in the guide are modern, safe and just seem to make sense when you try them with your dog (some areas of training like crate training may tale longer than barking, but it depends on your dog really).

Who Is It Right For?

After using this guide for a while now, I can confidently say that this is ideal for new dog owners, or people looking to buy another dog.

Also, anyone that has a dog with serious aggression issues that need urgent attention would find this guide extremely helpful in resolving the immediate problems and building a stronger loving bond with your dog.

I would also say this is even better suited for people looking for an all in one guide to buying, caring, controlling and loving their dog, as the guide seems to cover all these aspects in more than enough detail.

However with all this being said, you will still need to be committed to your dog and be able to put some time aside to apply what you'll learn (and a little patience too, as some of the techniques take up to 5 weeks to complete!)


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