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Infinity Scalper Review

In today’s time starved society, more and more people are looking for ways to earn an extra income without having to sacrifice any more of their time.

It’s no wonder that automated income systems found on the internet are becoming so popular…and why so many people are also getting scammed at the same time.

One approach to such promise of near automated income in our world is through Forex trading.

Forex trading is not exactly a new concept to this world…it’s been making people sickeningly rich for decade after decade.

The beauty of the Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange) market is that it will always exist and will always hold potential to earn massive income through successful trades.

Add to that the rise of internet accessibility over the past decade or more, and you have a truly exciting opportunity to get involved, without having to be “in the club”, educated, or experienced in the world of Forex trading.

However, such lucrative opportunities surely come with their set backs…

Firstly, just like any trading system, there is the crippling problem of poor money management.

Many a wise trader has cast a shadow over their financial futures due to poor money management when it comes to trading. Whether it is cash flow, not being able to identify a “get out point” or simply getting greedy, poor money management skills are always the root of a trader’s worst nightmares of losing everything, fast.

Then we have the vast array of complicated trading strategies. As an outsider, it seems almost as if the world of Forex trading is designed to appear as complicated as possible so that “you and me” can’t get in on the action.

There’s so many ways to approach trading, not just Forex, that makes many people feel as if they need to learn them all or pay a fortune for a mentor to watch their back and teach them the ropes.

Probably a good idea, but for those of us who have limited time and even more limited budgets, this is nowhere near ideal.

If you’ve survived those two hurdles, then you’re going to have to face the dreaded “Emotional Override” as I call it.

This is where your emotions, impatience, rational thoughts and creeping, paranoia set in and make you pull out of a trade right at the critical point where it was about to spit out wads of cash for you.

Most traders experience this problem and this is why any savvy trading guru on Wall Street will tell you: “The most important skill you can have as a trader is a strong mindset”.

Still, when presented with the idea of trading in the Forex market many people think it sounds easy, but it’s not…and the education costs a lot:

Most software costs near to $1000 and that’s with no guarantees or support. Other services are designed around people who already know what the heck they are doing; nothing really caters for a “newbie” Forex trader, especially not in terms of the robot trading approach.

Sadly, a lot of programs available are actually scams too, with temporary services that take your trading deposits and then suddenly disappear, leaving you out of pocket. These companies have been known to set up as an entirely new establishment days later.

With all these problems holding us back from making a sickening amount of money from Forex trading, we were curious to see if there was any truth in the automated Forex trading systems that claim to solve all of the above problems of limited time, experience and mindset to finally stash away our own little piece of the global Forex market from our living rooms.

Why we chose to review the Infinity Scalper:

After seeing so many people reporting back on blogs, forums and in articles, we felt that this system might be worth a shot.

Although we were indeed very sceptical due to all of the scams, shoddy systems and high costs often involved, this system seemed to cater for a beginner – at a price that was worth taking the plunge on.

What Is It?

Infinity Scalper as you may already know is a Forex trading robot that automatically trades the foreign exchange market on your behalf.

The idea behind a Forex trading robot such as this is that you no longer need to spend all day searching for your trades and potentially picking duds and losing trades.

Whilst no Forex trading robot can predict or deliver 100% success rate (if they promise that, then they are lying to you!), the entire principle is in taking out the hard work, time and majority of the risk in Forex trading so that you have a little side kick co-worker hunting out all the most profitable trades from around the world, via an internet connection.

First Impressions

Although we found the sales page really hyped and overbearing (and even a little unprofessional looking) we decided to go ahead and skip straight to the order link.

Once inside the membership area after purchasing, the layout and steps to take seem pretty clear.

There are basically 5 essential steps you need to take to get the system up and running. Some are a little scarier than others, but none of the steps are complicated or confusing. It’s just a case of having to set up various accounts, optional extras and of course, installing the actual software itself.

There are a couple of nice surprises in Step 1, where you are told to set up a brokerage (must do this to trade Forex no matter what). The guys have done a deal with their chosen brokerage firm so that you get $500 landing in your account after you’ve started making a few trades…nice!

With the use of the video tutorial, this entire step is very simple.

The next step is the software install. Again, very simple to do as the entire process is automated, just like installing a regular Microsoft program on your computer…you get the automatic install box to run you through everything. Plus the video makes the install even easier and if you have a specific set up requirement, they explain what to do with the files instead (advanced).

Following that, there’s a step included to show you how to get the system running and set up to your needs. This is where you can set up a demo account (which they recommend) so that you can start trading without real money, to see how well the system works. Now that’s pretty appealing huh?!

Next, they tell you how to activate your account so that you can use the system, along with how the entire software system is protected from piracy. Again, simple stuff here especially with the video tutorials.

Finally Step 5 talks about using a VPS to run your software. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which allows you to run the software using a remote server that is dedicated to you, but doesn’t require you to be online in order for the software to run.

Think of it like a secure computer that is always left running. The main benefit of this is that your software will never miss any lucrative trades due to being disconnected from the internet on your end.

At this point, we should tell you that extra costs may be involved if you want to use a VPS…around the tune of $70 or so per month. Whilst not essential, we quickly found that using one will have a significant advantage once you start actually making money from your trades (after you come out of the demo account).

Does It Work?

Before we even started, what took us by surprise is that owners actually document their own progress week by week via video! The results of their automatic trades using the software are right there on video, plain to see and fully proven to show how powerful the system is.

Personally, we’ve only used the demo account over a week and it makes money full stop. Sure, there were a few losses and dips which kind of scared us, but if you just leave it to get on and trade for at least a few days, you should be able to see your trades level out and begin to rise in profits.

In just over a week, we were not exactly rich…but we made nearly $217 pure profit and when you consider that’s zero work (minus the set up costs), it’s a pretty exciting deal.

Sure, you need to deduct the costs of set up, membership and the sum that we already put in to start trading (which was $90), but that’s minimal considering the potential income you can pull in over an entire month.

Who Is It Right For?

Clearly, this is an automated system that is aimed directly at beginners who either don’t know or care to learn the complexities of Forex trading. Whilst anyone can effectively take advantage, this is perfect for beginners who just want somebody else to trade their money for them and get results.

Furthermore, if your time is limited (like most of us) then this service is really an ideal solution as the whole point is not only to remove the complications of Forex trading, but to completely automate your trading so that you don’t need to spend much more than 15 minutes per week checking your stats and earnings. Nice.


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